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Ferry Porsche Has Died

Fellow Audians; it is with great sadness that I relate that
Ferry Porsche has died.

>VIENNA, Austria, Mar 27, 1998 -- Ferdinand Porsche, founder
of German
>sportscar maker Porsche AG, has died in the Austrian
mountain resort of
>Zell am See, the Austrian news agency APA said Friday. He
was 88. It quoted
>the Porsche company in Salzburg, Austria, as saying he
would be buried
>privately in Zell am See and that an official funeral
service would take
>place in Stuttgart, Germany. No further details were given.

>Porsche, or Ferry as he was known, was born near the
Austrian capital of
>Vienna, the son of engineer Ferdinand Porsche and his wife
Aloisia on Sept.
>19, 1909. The family moved to Stuttgart where Ferry Porsche
came to work in
>his father's engineering company, which produced the
prototype Volkswagen
>in 1936. A year earlier, Porsche married Dorothea Reitz of
Stuttgart. They
>had four sons.
>In 1950, he started producing his first sportscar, the 356.
It was
>succeeded by the Porsche 911 in 1963. Porsche, who in the
1930s acquired a
>vacation home in Zell am See, led the Stuttgart company
until 1972. He gave
>up his vote on the board in 1993.