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Re: 4000 Generation Differences

>I have an US '84 4k 1.8L that has the rear wing on the trunk lid like
>the quattro so it is similar in body style, but it does not have front
>wing windows and the all the windows are definately power windows. 

What you have sounds like the "limited-edition 4000S".  Audi offered
these for the 84 model year in the US as a special model in addition
to the normal 4000 2-door FWD and 4-door FWD and quattro models.  The
limited-edition 4000S are 4-door FWD models with the 1.8L 88hp four
cylinder, standard with front and rear spoiler (but no lower valance
like that on the 4000q).  It also came standard with sport seats,
power tilt-slide sunroof, the 5000S-style 4-spoke steering wheel, 
14" Ronal R8 wheels and sapphire (bluish silver) metallic paint.

96 A4 2.8 quattro
84 5000S 2.1 turbo
80 4000 2.0
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