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front turn signals, 93 90CS

I got a small stone chip in the front passenger's side (right side)
headlight in my 90.  I noticed as I was giving the car a much-needed
wash/polish/wax/etc, and also noticed that in the process of washing I
had gotten some water in the headlight.
SO the lens comes off to fix it, right?  I pulled off that little trim
piece under the headlight, and found a bunch of clips that hold the lens
on.  As I was busy being extremely thankful that it would be this easy,
I noticed a slight hitch, which was that one of the clips was obscured
by the amber turn signal/parking light.  I got the other 4 or 5 clips
off, and used the Cringe and Yank method to pull off the lens.  Worked
fine, got the lens off, filled the hole with clear epoxy.

But now I can't figure out how to get the other light off so I can reach
that clip.  I can see how the bottom is clipped in, it actually looks
rather easy but I can't see the top.  Does anyone know how the turn
signal assembly comes out?  Does it involve moving the air intake and
reaching in from the back?


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