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Turbo coolant line and thermostat replaced '91 200 tq

Well, I managed to replace the blown turbo coolant line today. This is
shown on plate 21-30 as item 26 for those who are fiche enabled. (Thanks
Jeff). The real trick to this was using the swivel joint on a 1/4" drive
6mm socket to reach the hose clamps. I did not remove the hydrolic pump
as I was paranoid about screwing it up somehow. 
   The thermostat required a "deep" 10mm wrench to reach the lower bolt
on the cover. The thermostat was stuck in the block. I put some wire
through it and yanked it out like I was puuling a tooth. It looked like
it was all the way closed, but the new one definately makes the car run
warmer. Both were stamped 87 deg. For the record (remember this thread?)
my water temperature gauge now runs steady on the thick hash mark (not
quite straight up) and my oil temp runs right on 100.
'91 200 tq