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Warm-regulator HELP!

        Hey Folks,
            I thought awhile back I fixed my rich fuel mixture problem
when I replaced
the injectors and seals, but no joy, it still exists. I have replaced
everything short
of the distributor, freq-valve, warm-up reg, cold start valve. There are
no vaccum leaks,
I brought it in to the Euro specialists, they have a guy there who says
he knows CIS in
and out and can fix it with both eyes closed and one arm (you get the
picture), anyway
he said fuel pressure and CO checks out OK, but to go ahead and replace
the warm-up
regulator. So I get home and take the regulator out throw around a few
times, and yes even swing at it with a bat (hit a triple), I put it back
in and still the same as
before. My plugs are new and they are as black as tar, covered with
fluffy carbon deposits. Does any one have a second opinion, I'm still
not clear on how the regulator works. Thanks for info.

***Please e-mail direct, I'm not subscribed to the list***


90 200 T