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Re: the good ol boys (No Audi)

Phil said,
>Well, there's a list-relevant point here.
> "Hey, guys, let's take this off the list"
>is a perfectly reasonable request.  But what we got was:
>               [Propaganda]

the point you seem to miss was that you were the one with the 
philosophical propaganda, adding to the problem.

Phil then patronizingly added,
>               _Now_ let's take it off the list.  
>There's a difference.

No difference, you weren't content to let someone else have the last 
word, kind of a strange response, sounds like something that might come 
from from a ...

"Typical pro-gun lobby.  _I'M_ allowed to use a platform, _YOU_ are 

Question;  "Why does this issue blind normal, sensible people in this 

Answer;  Not a lot of difference between those UK and US Rose colored 

 As Bob Dylan said, get out of the way if you can't lend a hand...

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