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200tq _is_ being parted out

Just got off the phone with Jonathan, owner of the 200tq a la Tree.

Here's the full scoop:
Car was in 1st, with parking brake on.  _SLID_ down the driveway(he says
it's a monster, really ,really steep)...on the way down, rear pass side
wheel hit a stump and knocked it out of alignment.  Car then hit tree in
trunk area.

Engine, q system etc. is fine.

The owner is willing to part with:
-entire engine, including all plumbing, ECU, IC, turbo, everything you need
to "do it right"...for around $5k or so.  Reason?  He's thinking about
planting it into a 90 200tq :)  However, if it "pays for my new car, I'll
-anything else, just call him...

so, whoever wanted just the IC/pipe, you're probably out of luck.
I've got a claim on the BBS wheels; someone else wanted the wiper arms(they
do fold) someone else the dash...he said to call him, and you could
probably come over on Sunday, dunno.  Says he's had the car 1 year 4
months; dropped 3k into it and bought it for 14k; was for sale for 15.5k;
would like to get some of it back.  Totally bummed out(with good reason to
be, was really happy with car excepting maintenance bills.)

The phone number is 781-545-7604; please be considerate in calling
hours(EST.)  You may get a flaky answering machine(mechanical "Plez leve a
mes-sage") or girlfriend.

Car was a 91, 20v, 200tq, blue w/black leather.  Parts will probably be on
first-come-first-serve basis.  Don't fill up the guy's answering machine,
though :)

Seemed like Sunday would be the best day to talk/drop by and look at car
for parts.


Brett Dikeman
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