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Re: Warped Rotors

Remember that Bentley says to replace control arm bushings after 40k
miles to eliminate shimmies. (Doesn't always work, but worth checking.)
I have seen poor turn jobs where the rotors  were not true afterwards.
Possibly your rotors have been turned when or until they are under
sized. Your hubs may not be true. I have seen over tightened lug bolts
distort a rotor. (Others have argued against this theory, but it did
happen on my mom's '73 VW van.) 

> I have a warped rotor problem that's driving me crazy.  My rotors were
> reletively new....about 30,000 miles on highway driving.  I have had them cut
> twice...the last time I replaced my brake pads with Audi factory brakes.  Each
> time, within days, pulsating brakes are back.  Any suggestions on what could
> cause rotors to warp so quickly????
> Any help is appreciated.  Also any suggestion on what rotors to buy.
> Vince
> '90 200tq