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Re: Warm-regulator HELP!

> I thought awhile back I fixed my rich fuel mixture problem when I 
> replaced the injectors and seals, but no joy, it still exists. 
> he said fuel pressure and CO checks out OK, but to go ahead and replace
> the warm-up regulator. I'm still not clear on how the regulator works. 

A '90 200 has one???  I thought they did away with them in 84 and went
electronic.  Anyway, what the WUR's I'm familiar with do is use fuel as
a hydraulic fluid to control the fuel pressure (hence "control pressure
regulator").  When cold it make the mixture rich.  When warm it doesn't
mess with it - AFAIK.  In other words, the WUR is only implicated in
cold running problems... But your system may be far removed from what
I'm used to.  Hope I've helped more than I've muddied...

Huw Powell


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