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Re: homemade bushing press?

> I haven't tried this, but wouldn't the ol' Audi jack (or a bottle jack) in
> your trunk be able to work like a "three ton hydraulic press"  to install your
> bushings?  Just fashion a BEEFY rectangular frame using 2x4 stock, metal
> braces and lots of long nails or screws, and position the jack inside it.

Yeah, if it's a three ton jack... I don't even trust the jacks that come
with these cars to lift 1/4 of the car, <1000 lbs, let alone 6000 lbs. 
A bottle jack, maybe...  But will the 2x4's take it?  Probably not.

I'm leaning towards painting my spare control arms and going to a
"machine shop".  So guys'n'gals, what kind of machine shop we talking
here?  The type an auto parts store would have in house for machining
heads etc.?  Or the type with cnc lathes, millers, and oily metal
filings all over the floor?

Huw Powell


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