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Re: VR6 vs. Audi V6---how do they differ

RELAYER writes:
> The 2 engines differ in every way.  It is coincidence that the are both 2.8
> and that the VR6 and the 12V Audi V6 are 172hp.
> The VR6 is a narrow angle, almost inline 6 (15 degrees I believe), where the
> Audi is a standard V6 configuration (60 degrees?).  The VR6 is made to be a
> transverse engine, where the Audi V6 is meant to be a Longitudinal engine.  I
> believe the VR6 has much more torque that the Audi V6 though (don't quote me
> on that).

The Audi 2.8 is a 90 degree V6.  The Audi V6 has more torque than the VR6
in all versions, and the torque is available at lower RPMs.

Audi V6 2.8 12-valve (all)	172hp @ 5500rpm, 184lb-ft @ 3000rpm
Audi V6 2.8 30-valve (A4)	190hp @ 5500rpm, 207lb-ft @ 3200rpm
Audi V6 2.8 30-valve (A6)	200hp @ 5500rpm, 207lb-ft @ 3200rpm
VW VR6 2.8 12-valve		172hp @ 5800rpm, 173lb-ft @ 4200rpm

The VR6-equipped VWs feel livelier probably due to the lighter weight
of the cars, and also because the VR6 makes a "sportier" sound.  These
are all nice engines.

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