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Re: Catchup on my Rings - please

> Considering the age of the other chassis, Audi sure had the "advantage" going
> in.  Rather a disappointing objective and subjective review of Apples to
> Apples.  Playing in the big leagues needs more than what was offered.  Midpack
> with the flagship hardly stimulates the mind or the soul.  Maybe the S8 would
> help.  Yep, then again, BMW has that M-unition ready to fire anytime.  And I
> doubt BMW would have the price problem there.  
> Still optimistic audi can do it.  Not at all optimistic they have yet....

It's a shame that Audi doesn't option the "sport" package for the A8 in
the US as it does in Europe. My thinking is that with the more taut,
lowered suspension and 18" rims w/ 245/45-18 tires, the handling and
braking critisicms would be duely addressed. Whip out the S8, and no one
would have a chance!
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