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Re: How do i push piston in rear caliper back ?

        If it doesn't have two slots on the side, then it must have what looks
like a hole in th middle of it.  There is also a special tool for this.  What I
did was take a 12 or 13 mm bolt and welded a taiwan socket to it.  Worked
excellent to screw the pistons in.
Good Luck,

Elliott Potter wrote:

> Does the piston have two slots on it?  If so then it doesn't push in, it
> screws in.  You need to get a special tool made by Lisle (I think) that
> screws it in.  Note that there's some all-in-one tool that is a cube and
> has different kinds of ends on it, DON'T GET IT!!!  It's horrible and
> doesn't work.  Get the Lisle tool (which is a little less horrible).
> --
> Elliott
> "Everyone says it's pretty hard to visualize.  That's a lie.  It's
> impossible to visualize."
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> Kenn Thyrsted Nielsen wrote:
> >
> > Hi.
> >
> > As it is time to change the pads, i set my mind in doing it this evening. -
> > But...
> >
> > Trying to force the piston back in the caliper, i found that it is
> > virtiually impossible.
> > Even when applying a large ammount of "near violence" nothing happened.
> >
> > Having changed pads myself on my older non-Q and non 200 Audis, i never had
> > to use this much force.
> >
> > As there isn't any sign of malfunction; braking is okay, pads is just worn,
> > i wonder if there is some sort of valve that makes it nessecary to bleed the
> > brake in order to make room for the new pads ?
> >
> > TIA
> >
> > Kenn
> > '87 200TQ Avant