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Re: Tires for 5KTQ


    Hey, maybee Dunlop D60A2's aren't the best tires you can put on this car;
in fact, I know they aren't.  But, I think they are a GREAT tire for thier
price!  They were much better than the Cooper Cobra GTH's that were on my 5KTQ
before the Dunlops.  I think they handle rather nicely in the rain as well!

    I don't see why you say that if you put them on your 5KTQ "you will want to
run your car off a cliff"....I never wanted to do that!  And, that "they have
single-handedly ruined the poise of one of the world's great road cars."  Isn't
that just a _little_ extreme.  I think the Goodyear tires that came on the '91
200tq's were junk, but I wouldn't say it "ruined the car"!  I think maybee you
got a bad set (it's happened before) and you had a bad experience.  I know a
lot of people on this list that run D60A2's on this car, and partially because
of thier liking of the tire and it's characteristics, I bought a set too.  I
think it handles decently in dry, wet, and snow.  Not many tires can do that
and be put through track events, and handle decently well.

     So, just out of curiosity, how much are these Bridgestone Potenza RE-930's
from Tire Rack?  Are they in the same price range as the Dunlop D60A2's?  I
bought my set of Dunlops from Tire Race for $60 per tire.

     I am however thinking of going with a set of Pirelli Sport Veloce's for my
next set of tires.  I was in a garage getting a tire patched and the guy there
said it was an all new tire and he highly reccomended it.  Anyone on the list
have any experience with this tire?  Or, know how it tested?