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Bosch fogs FS

I have a set of brand new rectangular Bosch fogs lying around that I
intended to install on my '92 100S. After I purchased them I found a good
deal on used OEM ones and installed them instead in place of these. They are
H3 (55W) and come with brackets and mounting hardware that allows them to
fit into the fog light spaces in the front bumpers for '92-'97 100/A6. The
brackets are specific for '92-'97 100/A6, but probably could be modified to
fit other models. The actual lights are very nice (not the el cheapo ones
you can get at your local parts store). I also have installation
instructions and wiring diagrams available if needed for installation. I'd
like to get $50 for the lights and the brackets (the bracket kit costs $30
alone, BTW), but if you want em make me an offer. Thanks.

'92 100S (70k)