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Re: Audiophile question

On Sat, 28 Mar 1998, MHLIGGINS wrote:

> If he adds much volume, the stock speakers (surprise) distort.  This afternoon
> we tried a pair of Panasonic 3 ways in the back of the car.  They are 180w/50
> w speakers.  They also distort, and did not provide as much bass "thump" (is
> that the technical word here?) as the pure stock speakers.

I'd say that the head unit itself is distorting the signal.  Rarely do
head units put out clean signals to the speakers at full tilt.  All the
way up, you can expect distortion.

Also, I doubt the 35wx4 is over driving the panasonics.  Head units come
very overrated, in my experience.  To get a cleaner "thump", your son will
have to add an amplifier and subwoofer -- but that may be overkill, and he
may end up rattling the windows like the local "goobers" -- also, if it's
coming out of your pocket, it won't be pretty :).

87 4kq
a/d/s, Boston Acoustics, JL, SoundStream, Alpine...
(not rattling any windows)

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