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RE:Warm-regulator HELP!

Not real sure of the differences between a 200T WUR and mine (87 5KTQ).

The WUR simply regulates the fuel pressure on top of the fuel dist. plunger
(you will notice one hose goes to the top of the FD).   This fuel press. on
top of the plunger acts as a spring (or force) against the air plate
assembly, which will control how much the air plate moves up for a given
air flow.  Another simple way to look at it is increased WUR (or control
press.) will be pushing against the air plate giving less fuel for a given
air flow and less WUR press. will push less allowing the air plate to move
more giving more fuel for a given air flow.

If your mechanic said all the pressures were O.K then he should not have
suggested relpacing the WUR (unless he is doing shotgun method).  The
specs. on my car are something like 20psi cold and 55psi when hot.  If
these are O.K then the WUR is O.K. 

As far as your rich problem goes I'm not sure if your car is CIS or
Motronic but what is your O2 sensor doing? It is very easy to hook up a DVM
to the O2 sensor and monitor it while driving.  It should be at 0.5V for
ideal mixture and the ECU will try to keep it at this ideal 0.5V so it will
fluctuate from 0.4-0.6V. Under full throttle it should go to 0.8V.  Have
you checked your full throttle switch?

Hope this helps!!!

Littleton, CO