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radiator cooling fan stuck on high all the time...

Hello.  I'm having a problem with radiator cooling fan on my '88 90.  As
soon as I turn the ignition on the fan goes to full speed...even when
starting cold.  Note that this periodically happened in the past for
like a minute or two...and then the fan would turn off and function
normally.  Now the damn thing is stuck on full speed as long as the
ignition is on.  I thought that the radiator temperature switch may have
been sticking...but I disconnected it only to find the fan still running
at full steam.  I'm thinking that it might be a sticky relay switch...or
possibly the resistor pack?  Where is the resistor pack located for the
radiator cooling fan on my Audi??  Any help will be greatly appreciated;
I'm in fear of the fan motor buring out if this keeps up...

Chris Lemon