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Re: Catchup on my Rings - please

In a message dated 98-03-28 14:47:58 EST, you write:

<< It's a shame that Audi doesn't option the "sport" package for the A8 in
> the US as it does in Europe. My thinking is that with the more taut,
> lowered suspension and 18" rims w/ 245/45-18 tires, the handling and
> braking critisicms would be duely addressed. Whip out the S8, and no one
 >would have a chance!
 --  >>
Understand, for this apples to apples test, 60 series tires on stock 16in
wheels were used on ALL cars tested.  So, raise the level of all three, not
sure audi would go to the top.  The handling criticisms again were compared to
the same opportunities on the other cars.  IMO, the handling at the limit has
more to do with what is distributing the engine torque than any suspension or
tire issue (that 8/10ths number has floated on this list in another thread,
with the same "discombobulated" concept). Braking?  I don't for a minute
believe that any suspension or tire corrections would do a darn thing for the
braking equation.  Brakes that a sub par to begin with (a hardware problem)
aren't going to wow anyone adding suspension and tires.  Maybe just raise the
expectation level.

"Whip out the S8", and you compare apples to an orange.  I don't go there with
you.  You also open yourself to a comparo at a much higher level, including
the S class mercs.  Not at all convinced that the S8 is the ace you think it
is.  Remember, you compete at the level of your price.  "Whip out the S8" in
the US anyhow, is an exercise in sticker shock audi won't even attempt.  You
wanna play there, you're in the big leagues.

Scott Justusson