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Re: flushing the coolant system. DI = BAD!!!

> In my opinion, you want to fill and drain several times with distilled
> or de-ionized water, perhaps after the flush described above.

Since I frequently deal with DI-water issues at my job as a
silicon-wafer process-support engineer, I'll add my two cents that for
engine cooling systems:  distilled = good, de-ionized = BBAAAAADDDDD!
That water won't be DI very long; it will soak up free stuff (electrons,
ions, whatever) from anything it touches. It especially likes--that is,
it corrodes/attacks--stainless steel.

> If you mix
> up your coolant solution with garden hose water which is typically very
> "hard", say 250ppm disolved solids, then you are adding minerals to your
> coolant. This can form deposits in your radiator and the rest of your
> cooling system.

Solid and sage advice, IMO. Distilled water is only $0.50/gal in these
parts. So what if it takes six gallons to do a real "purge."

James, BSME
'87 4kq
'86 4ks
'64 Falcon