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V1 Works, Some questions (No Audi content)

Glad to hear the V1 works well. Even at $400 it sounds like it is worth

I have been asked to repair a range of  Uniden Radar / Laser detectors,
and I could not get any of them to trigger on an IR laser??

Cop lasers
Anyone know what the pulse frequency and wavelength (nm) is that they
operate on? Mailed Uniden abouth the phenomena, but no response yet. (3
working days and waiting).

Is there a site with frequencies / pulse rates etc. etc. somewhere?

Reflection off number plate.

Having played with a few lasers these last few weeks I would agree that
the number plates make an excellent reflector for laser beams.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Renier Meyer
89 200T Durban South Africa.