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Re: fog lights & boneheads

>Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 09:19:09 -0800
>From: James Marriott <marriott@micron.net>
>Subject: Re: fog lights & boneheads
>Mike Del Tergo wrote:
>> I'd have to side with Robert here.  There is little reason for a
>> properly aimed fog to incur the wrath of oncoming traffic.
>Hmmmmm. So if I had 9000 W of "properly-aimed"
>gas-discharge/plasma/Xenon/fusion lamps, the reflection/glare from a
>rainy road wouldn't bother you? I have 2 x 55 on low, and 4 x 100 on
>high. Let's not make this a "question of degree" or "but I need to see"
>discussion. If you're irritating other drivers, you're irritating other
>drivers. The requirement for "low" beams occurs when there's another car
>around. If (other driver's) lights are also illuminating the same road,
>who needs more light? End of story.
>I use a very subjective and punitive rationale:  if your lights bother
>me, I hit you in the face with my luminous sledgehammer.

Amen to that, James.

It seems that some confuse "little reason" with _no_ reason. Would Mike say
(without embarassment): "That guy had little reason to punch me in the
nose."? I used to think (charitably) that I was encountering absentminded
(mindless?) creatures who were not even _aware_ that their foglights were
on. Evidently not.
In all the years of encountering these "Illuminators", I've never once had
any respond to my signals by turning off their fogs (maybe Mike and other
qlisters are exceptions to that behavior).

IMO, this is often just _some_ people acting out a "If you've got it,
flaunt it!" philosophy. But this ain't gold chains, guys. As James said,
it's really just a simple matter of excessive light in the face of oncoming
traffic. Period.