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RE: Catchup on my Rings - please

So by Scotts definition all tires even of the same size are the same.  What if 
they had the same brand and model that the other cars had we could then make 
the assumption that the cars suspension and other is not up to snuff.  My 
feeling is that they put crappy tires on a good car.  This is also what I have 
read into the people who have driven it.

On 3/29/98 QSHIPQ writes:
"Understand, for this apples to apples test, 60 series tires on stock 16in
wheels were used on ALL cars tested.  So, raise the level of all three, not
sure audi would go to the top." and  <snip> ""Whip out the S8", and you
compare apples to an orange.  I don't go there with you."

Hey Scott, Audi dominated touring cars a couple years back (apples to
apples) and let us not forget IMSA and the rallies 10-15 years ago.  I think
this is proof that the A8 is the best car in its class!  Not to mention the
A4 and A6.  Tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Audi doesn't need catchup.  It needs a little mustard!  AWD just isn't the
condiment it once was.   It is catchup and BMW is using salsa.

Matt Pfeffer - 89 200TQW - Stage II