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Problems with 5K

My spare car, '83 5K, sat in my driveway for about a week and suddenly is doing some weird things. I can a hear a fairly loud whining from under the hood, sounds like a Ford power steering pump at full lock. The power steering belt was screaming so I tightened the snot out of it but it still screams when the wheel is turned. There is also a noticable loss of engine power. Would a pump in the process of seizing be able to take a bunch of power?
Also, when I turn off the car the battery light stays on and buzzes and the OXS light glows faintly. The turn signal indicator will glow faintly if I leave the signal on after the car is shut off.
The car gave no warning before doing any of this. Any thoughts on it?
From:  dgrady@ct2.nai.net