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92 100CS look see

Looked over the 92 100CS (non q) for sale down here very closely on
Saturday. Overpriced (IMHO) @ 12.9K. Exterior (pearl) was excellent - one
small door ding/scratch on passenger side rear door. A couple of tiny rock
chips on hood. Interior (Ecru) was excellent - driver's lounger showed
slight wear, that's all. Needs front pads. 90K miles, no serious work on car
ever. Original owner had car serviced at Porsche/Audi dealer until they
closed their Audi side, then at the local Porsche racer's shop (Zotz) since.
Driver's door speaker getting a bit fuzzy. All weather package, no cell
option, Bose w/diversity antennas. Wife loved it, loved the short drive we took.

Unfortunately, it's well outa my league, especially considering I'd buy a V8
if I was ever to spend that much. But if someone were serious about a primo
car, I'll forward the phone number. I believe he'd come down a bit, but not
much - he's only selling it 'cause it sits around too much now as a 3rd car.
All original docs/complete records/92 brochures come with car (orig sticker
price: $34K)

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