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Re: 80 vs 90

PN writes:
> Can someone sum up some of the differences between late 1980's 80 and 90 
> quattro models? Same body and engine in each, correct? So far, I've notice 
> the 80's I've looked at don't have color coded bumpers, and seem to have 
> less sporty seats (less bolster). What else??

They are based on the same chassis, but the 90 series has higher content -
more standard features than the 80 series.  The 90s had standard
leather and wood interiors, whereas the 80s had cloth.  For quattro
models, the 80 and 90 both had the 130hp 10-valve five cylinder, except
in 1990, when the 90q got the 164hp 20-valve five.  The 80q and 90q have
different style rear spoilers, etc., etc.

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