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Dump Valve Kits and more boost

Some advice required....

My WR engined UR-q is shortly due for a major over haul.  The 'its 
the newness wearing off excuse' for all the oil smoke is wearing a 
little thin now so its about time to dig deep and get it rebuilt.

My question is mainly about turbo boost.  My 'proper' gauge shows
0.85 bar normally under load, but sometimes goes to 1.0 bar.  Then
the overboost protection cuts in.  

When I've had the engine done I want to get some proper amount of
boost.  What does anyone think is a reasonable amount of boost
without comprimising engine life (too much) ? 1.2 / 1.3 bar ? How can
I stop the overboost protection cutting in ?

Finally,  has anyone had any experience of fitting a Dylinx Dump 
Value kit ?
Or more generally and dump valve kit?
Does this REALLY improve responsiveness thou' the gears ?

Thanks for putting up with the novel above !

'84 UR-q 

Broke, but quietly content.........