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Re: MC knock sensor


I also had this about 3 weeks ago, the rubbery bit did feel weak and
made me think the earthing wires in the cable were shot from all the
engine vibrations. I replaced the KS with a 2nd hand unit I got for
$30 or so. It has worked since. I hear from list members that you
can't really test the thing, you just have to replace it. Also, the
red-booted one was superceded by a green-booted one which should
indicate something wrong in the design of the first one. Unfortunately,
at $130 for a new one, the 2nd hand unit (red) was the only option for
me. But before just replacing the KS check the continuity between the
firewall connector and the ECU just to make sure it isn't an inboard
wiring fault. Look at Scott Mo's site for pinouts. I didn't have a meter
to check, so I just coughed up the $30 and got the part, things have
worked since.

As for stuff leaking onto them, can't get any worse than mine. I've
flushed the radiator over it, the auxiliary h2o pump spits coolant all
over it and the hydraulic reservoir does abit of coughing as well,
also the gearbox was overfilled and was spewing gearbox juice all over
the place. The engine also does about an 1.5 inches of movement due to
bad mounts, admittedly it doesn't help anything. :)

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