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RE: dose of their own medicine(was VG-2)

Yes, some states have passed regs in a attempt to make them illegal, but,
this does not work. Only the FCC is empowered to regulate radio devices
and the FCC permits all citizens to receive on any and all freqs (except now
cellular) so long as the information obtained is not disclosed to 3rd parties
or used for espionage purposes. These state regs are themselves illegal
and you can beat these in court if you try. I bet if you pressed one of these
cases that the state would dismiss it in a second rather than have it go to
trial and have the law thrown out. The states just use these regs as scare
tactics and for intimidation and nothing more. I would just love to try one of
these cases, but up here in the backwoods of NH we have too much common
sense to enact these types of bogus and illegal regs. This is the same issue
as with scanners, etc. RDs and scanners are nothing more than radio receivers,
albeit of specialized types, but they are still  technically nothing more than
radio receivers and are therefore so protected by Federal law that supersedes
any state regs.


Radar Detectors are NOT LEGAL in all 50 states.  I live in Virginia, and
is illegal to operate or sell one in the Commonmwealth..  It can be
confiscated as evidence, and then will be returned after court.  I
believe it is also illegal in the District of Columbia.