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RE: Cops, Valentine One (no Quattro content)

Well, he pulled up next to me with the flashers on, got on the microphone,
and told me to "pull the vehicle over" (I think...it was practically
impossible to hear exactally what he was saying -- could have been "blah
blah, scramble wok -- flock").  As soon as I acknowledged (and I couldn't
really ignore the microphone) he proceeded after the VW Cabriolet in front
of me.

I don't mean to pound a dead horse further into that large hole in the ground, but this
is where I loose it. So you pull over and he continues on after the other guy?
I would (and have) pulled back out and continued on. I guess I just do not see how
one cruiser could have pulled two cars over without the total cooperation of
both drivers. The cop would have had to give up on the other guy and gone
back out after me if he really wanted me to stop. Then the other guy should/
would have continued on and so forth. I simply will NOT cooperate with
revenue enhancement. I would rather explain it to the judge. If this were an 
emergency situation then instant cooperation is expected and guaranteed, but this 
was clearly a 'revenue enhancement event'. Don't just roll over and play dead.....