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Re: Dump Valve Kits and more boost

In message <199803301239.NAA05708@mailhost.man.brite.co.uk> "Mark Warren" writes:

> Lots of smoke when playing on the Curborough track with Club Audi.
> Off throttle blue stuff.  Eliminated Turb from the equation - it's
> new.  Think its more likely to be oil seals, bore wear etc.

Yup - blue off throttle sounds like that.  If you're just keen to kill
the smoke and want to keep the cost down, just changing the valve stem
seals might do the trick.

> > > My question is mainly about turbo boost.  My 'proper' gauge shows
> > > 0.85 bar normally under load, but sometimes goes to 1.0 bar.  Then
> > > the overboost protection cuts in.
> NB This hasn't happened for ages - Its being well behaved since the
> new turbo.

Running any wastegate mods?

> I've asked myself that many time, and keep coming up with the same
> answer !  However my current excuse for a wee mod. is that I'm not
> going to be using the beasty much in the near future, petrol,
> insurance et al.  More of a mean play machine I can have a bit of fun
> in, and take part in a local hillclimb (just for amusement not for
> actually doing well in !)

WRs go very well up hills.

> Sorry to hear your decision about the QOC - I can understand your
> none amusement about taking advantage in that position.

> Hope you'll continue your writings......

Oh, yeah - quite intend to.  Area C2 has a couple of hotheads who want
to capture every piece of Audi documentation they can find onto CD-ROM
with a scanner.  I'll be lending my support to that, and I'm thinking
about a set of web pages carrying technical details such as torque
settings and OEM part numbers.

Simon Gilmore has resigned from the "Technical Toolbox" feature, so
at least we won't have any more sillinesses like 132 lb ft as the
harmonic balancer torque!!

 Phil Payne