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RE: '87 5KTQ door handles and locks. HELP!!!!

I had this happen on the drivers door a year ago, and replaced the handle
mechanism myself. After finding this list and poking around the web, I
gather that it is a common problem. Somewhere there is a rebuild kit
available -- check the web. I bought the whole handle assembly from Audi
(minus the lock cylinder -- you can reuse yours for the fronts), but
apparently this rebuild kit is much cheaper. Anyway, I didn't have too much
trouble doing it, it's not that tricky; I believe there are BTDTs in the
list archives.


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> Subject:	'87 5KTQ door handles and locks. HELP!!!!
> Well last week the passenger side outside door handle stopped working, it
> still works from the inside (terrible for dates) now this morning the rear
> passenger door has stopped working.  On the rear it seems that the lock is
> no
> longer engaged with what ever part it is suppose to.  After I write this
> I'm
> going to take apart the front door to see whats going on but the rear door
> will not open from the outside or inside.  I'm sure that someone outthere
> has
> had to deal with this before.  How should I go about getting the rear door
> open so that I can have a look see to see what is going on.
> Cheers,
> JIm