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Afterrun Fan

Rob Winchell  wrote
>Subject: After-run fan operation (91 200Q)
>I've never heard the after-run fan on my 91 200Q since I've owned it. So the
>Bentley says "jump the wires together - if it runs, replace the
>thermoswitch". OK, so I do that and the fan runs. I replace the
>thermoswitch, but it still does not run at all.
>Question: is there something else that controls when the fan goes on?
I don't know about your car specifically but many Audis have three switches,
engine coolant, A/C head pressure and afterrun.
Bob Cummings 87 Coupe GT
P.S. Even in Bucksnort torque is force times distance, not force per unit
area. Therefore, torque is ft. lbs or inch lbs not psi. OK, OK so I'm being