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Re: 4ksq window regualator

Matthew have you checked the window switch by replacing it with one that
works?  Have you checked the wiring that goes to the motor?  In other
words, take a look at the wiring area covered by the rubber boot in the
door hinge area.  Maybe a shorted or broken wire. 


>     Hi folks. I'm the proud owner of an '85 4ksq with 208k miles. I am
>having some trouble with the drivers window. It stuck halfway open 
>today and when I went to my local dealer, they quoted me a price of 
>$410.00 for a new regulator and motor. My first question is whether 
>or not the regulator can be ordered without the motor. Second, does 
>anyone know of any good aftermarket supplier I might be able to 
>aquire this part from? Any advice regarding this dilema would be 
>greatly appreciated.
>Matthew J. Sinclar