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Re: V6 stumbling/bogging (1993 90)

Elliott Potter wrote:
> Have you checked other basic things, like spark plugs/fuel filter/air
> filter?  Does the clutch feel right?  Have you tried different gas?

I pulled a few of the plugs and they don't show any evidence of
fouling; the gaps are within spec.

The plugs, fuel & air filter are all only about 6 months old.
Clutch seems fine.

As for the gas, this just started happened in the last couple of
days with the hot weather, so I don't have any evidence one way
or the other. I'm wondering if that icky winter formula gas is
the culrpit...

I'm almost out now, so I'll be trying a fresh tank this week
along with a double shot of Techron to see if that helps.


> Chris Newbold wrote:
> >
> > Elliott Potter wrote:
> > >
> > > Is the air conditioner running when this happens?
> >
> > Nope.
> >
> > -Chris