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RE: Owners of older wagons: HELP

Actually, I stepped in sh_t this past weekend. The 85 ur-q developed 
a VERY intermittent cut-out on initial accel last week. I knew this would be a
bit_h to diagnose too, cause it happened so rarely and only when underway.
I cut off and re-crimped the two black whars to the coil as a guess and then the
car would not start at all!  I found one of the whars (+12VDC supply to the
coil) had snapped clean off where it enters the harness (corrosion). This would have
happened on the road..... As is was it happened in the driveway. Problem
found and easily and very conveniently solved. This was not the first time
I found an imminent prollum in the driveway that would have definitely left
me or The Wife (Tm) stranded somewhere. It is worth it to 'look for trouble',

I also noticed that this +12VDC supply whar to the coil had somewhat burned
insulation. My 84 4KQ RR car also had this same prollum. Is this whar under-rated
size wise? Is this a common failure mode on the ur-q/4KQ?

Sometimes you do get lucky.....



Hairy green toads from Mars made glen say:

> Just driving. It had been getting noisy for a while. It was pure (very sucky)
> coincidence, what is formally known as 'Glen's Luck' (Tm).

I thought that was "Duane's Luck". Like the time my 100Q
spewed some oil out of the engine in northern Maine at
9:00PM on a frigid sunday night. We pulled into a store to
check/refill the oil, and the hood cable snapped :-(


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