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4K hot start problems

If you have spark and you car still fails to start you can be fairly sure
that it is the fuel supply

A few things to check first:

loosen the fuel supply line under the hood (just behind the fuel dist. Turn
the ign on and see if fuel comes out.
	No fuel : Check to make sure that the fuel pump is operating. Bypass
the fuel relay and hook a 12V wire 
	directly from the battery to the fuel pump. If you still don't get
fuel, then it's most likely the fuel pump

	If you get fuel, then the problem is further down stream. Remove one
of the fuel rails from the fuel dist. which
	goes to the injector. Crank the engine and see if you get fuel
coming out.

		If you don't get fuel the problem is in the fuel dist. or
its related wiring or the wiring going back to the computer.
		you can test this out by manually lifting the air-flow
sensor plate using the special long 6mm allen wrench) and
		cranking the engine to see if fuel comes out.

ALSO : remove the one of the plugs in the intake manifold and squirt some
quick start fluid - try to start the car, if it starts then
the problem is the fuel dist., it's wiring or the computer not getting the
proper info.

Also : manually gat the 5th (6th) injector to quirk some fuel into the inlet
manifold, crank the engine and see it starts.

There's lots more to check - email me directly if you need help. I just
spent the past month trying to solve a similar problem on my
4KQ. Eventually I added the hot-pulse relay which solved the problem