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Upgrade '82 Coupe front brakes

Here is the plan:  pull a set of calipers & carriers off an '85+ Coupe GT
or 4000q, and purchase a set of '85+ FWD 4000 10.1" rotors (100mm bolt
pattern).  Then, install this on my father's '82 Coupe in place of the
stock 9.4" solid front disc brakes.

Has anyone done (or attempted) this?  Anything to watch out for? 

I am working on the assumption that the calipers will bolt right up to
the '82 strut, and that the FWD 4000 rotor (100mm bolt pattern) has the
right hat size for the CGT/4000q caliper carrier.  Looks like an easy
swap, but I wanted to check other BTDTs.

'85 Coupe GT
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