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Re: Tires for 5KTQ

Hairy green toads from Mars made Daniel Hussey say:

>     Orin, here's what I reccomend:
>     37 front
>     35 rear
>     These are my specifications for the D60A2.  Pay no attention to the
> pressure reccomendations on the sidewall.  You really do need more pressure
> on these tires.
>     I played around with the tire pressures at the track as well.  I think I
> used 41 or 42 lbs up front and 40 or 39 rear.  That seemed to work best.
> These are just my reccomendations.....std disclaimers apply.

I have also found this. The D60's aren't *great*, but they are
adequate to decent on my '89 100Q. But they are *VERY* sensitive
to inflation pressures. A 2 psi difference makes a huge change in
handling and stability.


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