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Testing your CIS fuel accumulator.

Phil, et al;

Last week I wrote this about checking the fuel accumulator:

> No it does not have to be repressurized.  There is a spring inside that
> supplies the back pressure on the diaphragm.  The Bentley manual specifies
> a distance that you can insert a wire into the hole to check the spring.
> Any less and the spring is no good.

My memory turned out to be pretty fuzzy about this one.

Phil Payne asked me to dig out the measurement.  Well, it wasn't so simple
but I did find it.  Bentley has no mention of it,  Probst says to remove
the screw in the back to see if it leaks gasoline, I swore that I read it
somewhere.  It is in a document titled "CIS Continuous Injection System
Course 4.04 Sixth Edition"

It says, 	- Run engine for at least a minute
		- Remove the screw from the end of the accumulator
		- Insert a piece of *wire* into the end and measure
		  the depth with the engine running.
		Replace accumulator if depth is greater than 92mm.
		Recheck Residual Pressure.

This document appears to be from about 1983 and has some inaccuracies
concerning specs for specific models but covers CIS systems pretty

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe

Massachusetts, USA