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Re: how do they mount trailer hitches to 200 qs in europe?

The Delan (sp?) hitch works well if you do the modifications they recommend
in their instructions.  Yes, modifications are required, and yes an angle
grinder is involved!  If you modify your exhaust hangers in the rear, it
won't hit until you have a broken rubber hanger or a broken motor mount
(BTDT).  Actually, if done right, it is a good indicator of other problem
areas in your car.

As for hanging below the valance, how else could you do it without cutting
a hole in the rear bumper cover?  I for one don't want to do that.  If you
take the mount out of the receiver, the hitch is non-obtrusive.  Of course,
that's IMHO... ;)

At 10:12 AM 3/30/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Does anyone have any experiance with trailer hitches in Europe?
>I installed a Delan hitch on my old (wrecked) 200 qw, and it was no good 
>three reasons:
>The main cross memeber hung below the valance panal
>It required the removal of the tie town loop
>The exhaust hit it.
>Turns out that even Delan does not really recomend using their hitch on any 
>of the turbo cars, cause they know the exhaust will hit.
>I have seen in Europe that the hitches are hidden nicely behind the valance 
>panel, and just the ball sticks out. If I knew how they attached thos 
>buggers to
>the car, I could design up my own version, and make one that takes an 
>american style receiver.
>Any euro listers ever installed a hitch on their car?