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Re: "Rules" or Reigned?

>  Audis understeer

It may be due to the curves I choose to do it on, but again Sat night I
was delighted to find that when I really over do it (lotsa squealing) my
coupe gently goes into a four wheel slide.  No over/under steer. 
Happened about 4 times now.  OK I'm not a racer, it's probably as I
said, the curves I pick, maybe I don't follow the right line, but the
car handles *just right* (2wd coupe, not a Q...)

> Midpack is midpack.

As my old boss, whose used 80 5k was my first Audi, said "Audi isn't the
best at anything, but they are very good at everything."  Of course
you're talking about the new Audis, I'm rambling on about nostalgic old
rust heaps...

Huw Powell


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