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RE: Cops, Valentine One (no Quattro content)

But if you don't pull over for the officer and you drive away, he could
probably just note your licenase plate# down and get you through the mail,
or something. He could have video equipment in the car, too.

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On Mon, 30 Mar 1998, Josh Pinkert wrote:

> At 07:57 AM 3/30/98 -0500, glen powell wrote:
> >
> >Well, he pulled up next to me with the flashers on, got on the microphone,
> >and told me to "pull the vehicle over" (I think...it was practically
> >impossible to hear exactally what he was saying -- could have been "blah
> >blah, scramble wok -- flock").  As soon as I acknowledged (and I couldn't
> >really ignore the microphone) he proceeded after the VW Cabriolet in front
> >of me.
> >
> >>I don't mean to pound a dead horse further into that large hole in the
> ground, but this
> >>is where I loose it. So you pull over and he continues on after the other
> guy?
> >>I would (and have) pulled back out and continued on. I guess I just do
> not see how
> >>one cruiser could have pulled two cars over without the total cooperation of
> >>both drivers. The cop would have had to give up on the other guy and gone
> >>back out after me if he really wanted me to stop. Then the other guy should/
> >>would have continued on and so forth. I simply will NOT cooperate with
> >>revenue enhancement. I would rather explain it to the judge. If this were
> an 
> >>emergency situation then instant cooperation is expected and guaranteed,
> but this 
> >>was clearly a 'revenue enhancement event'. Don't just roll over and play
> dead.....
> >>
> >>-glen
> >> 
> Sticking up for my little 'bro here, I agree with what he did.  He's a 21
> year old guy...driving in a nice car with out of state tags.  If the cop
> were to have to chase him down *again*, I think it's safe to say that they
> cop might be a little bit pissed.  Regardless of the cops intentions
> (revenue enhancentment), you have to cooperate.  If you mess with the bull,
> you might get the horns.  I'll give in to the bull and take the ticket to
> court.  As in his case, there are lots of places for cops to make mistakes.
>  I've never paid full price on the revenue enhancement scheme.  Been pulled
> over twice and ticketed twice.  One case, the judge threw out because I had
> a valid argument about identifying my car.  The other case, the nice judge
> gave everyone a break...reduced mine to a 64 in a 55 (from something above
> 75, maybe a 79, if I remember correctly).
> When people continue driving and disobey occifer's instructions, we end up
> with Rodney King incidents...  It not an excuse, but a reality.  Beware.
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