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Introduction and A4/Passat

Hello everyone,
I don't think I ever really introduced myself to the list but I have tossed 
a couple of questions and maybe a comment or 2 out.  My wife and live in 
Albany, NY but are moving back to NH in the beginning of the summer.  She 
drives a 94 100 S wagon (couldn't buy the Q in NC - they don't know what 
snow is and I didn't want to wait 4 months for the car).  A good friend of 
mine and I are thinking (read dreaming) about setting up a 4KQ or 90Q for 
rallying but that is as far as it goes.  I really enjoy the list - less the 
PC BS about nationality and guns!(amen)
Now the questions:  Mom is considering trading in her dog of a SAAB 9000 
(4spd auto) for a Passat/A4 I realize there was recently a discussion about 
the differences  but anyone know of a used Passat in the southern NH/Mass 
area she can look at?
Lastly  - I'll put this out even if its been made public before but AOA is 
taking over major sponsorship (this is per my contact at Ed Bryne's) of the 
Climb to the Clouds this year - don't really know what that means other 
than FYI
Thanks and sorry for the BW and I "usually" enjoy the list.