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Ante up

>coupe gently goes into a four wheel slide.  No over/under steer. 
>Happened about 4 times now.  OK I'm not a racer, it's probably as I
>said, the curves I pick, maybe I don't follow the right line, but the
>car handles *just right* (2wd coupe, not a Q...)

Er, ah, Huw, that is understeer, sir.

> Midpack is midpack.
>As my old boss, whose used 80 5k was my first Audi, said "Audi isn't the
>best at anything, but they are very good at everything." 

I believe to have read that about the Taurus and the Accord as well Huw.  Not
at all what most audi owners would want to be "known" for.  Nor would I for a
minute think, that's what Audi wants to be their epitath either.  I would
think "***t or get off the pot" might be a more appropriate statement for this
comparo.  To have the comparo in the bag, and land midpack should be thought
provoking.  And for every awesome M car and 740i road tamer, they sell the
bread and butters too.  Comparing the bread and butter with audis
"performance" machines, doesn't put audi at the top either.  Maybe the coaches
need some seat time in the competitions' locker room.

Scott Justusson