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San Jose, CA (USA) area Machine Shops ...

In message <933713F1FB7BD111AC2300A0C98F1AD1775077@milxpr06.kla-tencor.com> "Buchholz, Steven" writes:

> Should I just replace the valves that are bent? or is it better to do
> them all (~130K miles)?  I'll have the head checked for flatness and
> cracks.  Should I have the valve guides replaced or just the seals?  Any
> other suggestions?

Flatness is 0.1mm across the surface.  Audi state that restoration
("Instandsetzung") is not possible.

The insertion of new guides is described in the microfiche, and thus
probably in Bentley.  One or two things to watch for.

Personally - once the thing is off and in a professional machine shop -
I'd do the guides and the valves.  Especially the exhausts.

 Phil Payne