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90 100 CVshaft(was Angered the Gods how??)

Unfortunately, the Audi Gods have teamed up with Mother Nature this
year up here in the Great NorthEast. Ice Hell '98 killed both sunroof
and powerlocks, p/s pump died, climate control blinked out once or
twice, and radio died. This is all since the ice storm.

So, the point of my story is.... Have two offers for a sunroof and
powerlock (Thanks, Q-List), but now, before I take about my front end
to fix the clicking of the bad CV, are there any special tools
required?  Already have the special tool(??) for the 85 4ksq half shaft
removal (been there, done that, sold it).

Thanks, again, all


90 100 (begging for summer)
93 90cs