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Re: warped rotors

Hi Phil;

    I think your comment about improper turning procedures is accurate. Most
shops seem to cut too deep and too fast. From the appearance of OEM rotors,
I think they are surface ground and not lathe cut.
    Ditto on the corrosion; I go through a set of rear rotors every year due
to corrosion. No problem with the front rotors, though; they work hard
enough to keep the corrosion under control.
    As for the UFO brakes; a brilliant concept flawed in the execution!

Fred Munro
'91 200q  248k km
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From: Phil & Judy Rose <pjrose@servtech.com>
Date: Sunday, March 29, 1998 2:37 PM
Subject: re: warped rotors

>I've heard others also voice an opinion that resurfacing rotors is
>inadvisable. When I hear it from a repair shop, my suspicion is always that
>the _replaced_ rotor is simply a nice, profitable part of a brake job. But
>I wonder is it possible that bad results are sometimes just from improper
>turning procedures? (Too much taken off, dull cutter ...).  I can't offer
>much experience, pro or con. Around here, corrosion is so fierce that
>rotors dissolve away too fast to allow much time to think about surfacing.
>Also, shall we assume that you are _not_ a UFO-rotor kinda guy? ;-)
>>    I have found that turned rotors always warp after hard use. I suspect
>>that the turning induces stress in the rotor which is relieved when the
>>rotor heats during use.
>>    I always use new rotors; it saves the frustration of doing the job
>>Fred Munro
>>'91 200q  248k km