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Re: Valentine 1-- Microscopic Audi content

At 07:48 PM 3/30/98 -0500, Theodore R. Harlan wrote:
>Today at lunch I met Mike Valentine. Just bumped into him at one of my
>more favorite local restaurants.
>"Excuse me, are you Mike Valentine?"
>"I just bought a V1. It's great."
>"Sorry to bother you."
>"That's OK."
>He drives a 1997 911 Twin Turbo Porsche. The color of Citrus Cooler
>Gatorade. I bet he speeds a lot.
>Thought it may be interesting to someone. If I see him again, I'll ask
>about a Q-list discount.
>The rich bastard.

BTW, just a word of warning for A4 owners considering buying a V1.  Hitting
the horn with the V1 plugged-in to the lighter will cause it to false
LASER.  You heard me.  I was pretty alarmed when it happened to me.  Now I
just hit the horn for kicks.

I'd still by the V1.  It's most likely an A4 problem...power fluctuation.
I'm not sure.  I plan on hard wiring it soon...so I'll know more then.

Josh Pinkert 
'98 A4q 2.8 
ISO '70-'73 or '78-'83 Porsche 911