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FS:rebuilt '87 mc head and cracked em

 Since I'm going to be using a mechanical head, I'll have the
above mentioned head just collecting dust.

1) It's been rebuilt with new bronze valve guides and seals. All the
valves have been ground with a three angle valve seat. The 
hydraulic lifters have been replaced with only 10k mi on them.
The rest of the work was done in March of '96 and 18k mi ago.
Mechanic says the head looks absolutely beautiful and clean.
Only Mobil 1 used and Techron twice a year.
Includes stock camshaft of course(it's all assembled) $350

2) stock exhaust manifold with the typical 2" crack in the 
webbing between #4 and #5 ports. Not a big deal as I would have
bolted it right back on had I not found the Dialynx.
Best offer. E-mail if interested.

Chad Clark '87 5k Tq
Colorado Springs, CO